PSAC-6mA DNA 6mA Modification Recognition Model

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This project introduces an innovative self-attention capsule network based on sequence positioning for accurate identification of N6-methyladenine (6mA) modification sites in DNA. The 6mA modification plays a crucial role in the growth, development, and disease regulation of organisms, and our PSAC-6mA model employs a unique approach to address this challenge.

Model Introduction

PSAC-6mA (Position layer-Self-Attention Capsule-6mA) is an innovative DNA 6mA modification recognition model that adopts the design of a self-attention capsule network. The model combines a positioning layer and self-attention mechanism, enabling precise localization and identification of 6mA modification sites in DNA sequences. The positioning layer is responsible for extracting positional relationships, avoiding the parameter sharing issue in traditional convolutional networks. The self-attention mechanism increases dimensionality, capturing correlations between capsules, allowing the model to efficiently extract features in multiple spatial dimensions, achieving efficient 6mA modification recognition.