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DNA N6-methyladenine (6mA) modifications play a pivotal role in the regulation of growth, development, and diseases in organisms. As a significant epigenetic marker, 6mA modifications extensively participate in the intricate regulatory networks of the genome. Hence, gaining a profound understanding of how 6mA is intricately involved in these biological processes is imperative for deciphering the gene regulatory networks within or ganisms. In this study, we propose PSAC-6mA (Position-self-attention Capsule-6mA), a sequence-location-based self-attention capsule network. The positional layer in the model enables positional relationship extraction and independent parameter setting for each base position, avoiding parameter sharing inherent in convolutional approaches. Simultaneously, the self-attention capsule network enhances dimensionality, capturing correlation information between capsules and achieving exceptional results in feature extraction across multiple spatial dimensions within the model. Experimental results demonstrate the superior performance of PSAC-6mA in recognizing 6mA motifs across various species.